Effective compliance advice

in relation to the Competition and Consumer Act, Privacy Act, Fair Work Act and Corporations Act. We also provide confidential helpline services for employees, customers, and suppliers to report Competition and Consumer Act and HRM issues.

Specialist economic advice

including market definitions for mergers, joint ventures, authorisations, cartels and exclusive dealing.

Practical legal advice

covering a range of areas including competition and consumer law, privacy law, industrial relations and fair work law, and corporations law.

Mediation services for business

professional and time-managed dispute resolution without having to go to court.

Practical legal, economic and compliance advice and experience in relation to the Competition and Consumer Act, Privacy Act, Fair Work Act and Corporations Act 


Bronwyn is pleased to advise she has just spent this week in the Philippines conducting Australian Consumer Law training on behalf of a client who operates a customer service department (CSD) in Manila. It is important that CSD staff properly understand consumer guarantees; refunds, repairs and replacements for major versus minor faults; product safety liability […]

Bronwyn speaks to Kwame Slusher, editor of the GRC Professional about consent, data collection and the importance of privacy policies in light of the ACCC’s approach to digital platforms and data collection. See the link https://www.professional.org.au/single-post/2019/08/15/Podcast-On-Using-Consumer-Data?mc_cid=b180f1d6cf&mc_eid=15fab69410